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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fancy computer to use Breeze?

Minimum specifications call for an Intel i5 or equivalent CPU though we recommend an Intel i7 for best performance.  We also recommend you process your files on an internal SSD hard drive (no usb drives, very slow)  and ideally have 16gb of RAM (then more, the better)

Do I need IT knowledge to use Breeze?

We named it "Breeze" for a reason.  We have legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys using Breeze!  And yes, we also have IT and litigation support department experts using Breeze.  

It's so easy, its a Breeze!

Is it expensive?

At $800 for an annual subscription, you are only spending $67 per month and you save $1,000's by eliminating outsourcing.  $67 is less than most people spend a month on Starbucks.