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so easy anyone can do it!

Save Money

Save money by processing those small and medium size jobs yourself!  Convert eMails, MS Word and many other popular file types to PDF and extract their metadata with only 3 clicks of your mouse!  Make load files for Relativity and other eDiscovery software platforms.

Printing made easy

Print image and native files quickly and easily with document and folder level slip sheets.  

Print PDF files with slip sheets for each bookmark.  

Scan from any TWAIN scanner

Use Breeze to do your litigation scanning. Breeze works with any TWAIN enabled scanning device.  

Search and Export Bates Numbered Documents

 Search, Flag, Tag, Redact and Bates Number easily and quickly.  Then you can export your documents to any format (single page, multi-page or PDF) and make load files for Relativity and other popular eDiscovery software platforms.